Bullying & Trauma

//Bullying & Trauma

Bullying & Trauma

Thousands of people attend the offices of mental health professionals each year.  Many of these have been bullied in the workplace.  Many report serious and significant mental health problems including adjustment disorders and PTSD.

psychological trauma

Some research suggest that approximately 50% of individuals bullied in the workplace present with post-traumatic stress symptoms, some with a formal diagnosis of PTSD. Evelyn Field maintains that there should be a recognised classification in the DSM and ICD for Workplace Bullying Trauma (WBT). Many individuals never return to work because of the trauma of their workplace.

The recent Commonwealth report, We Just Want To Stop It, made a number of recommendations to commence the process of addressing this insidious problem.

Systems and organisations need to be assessed to determine the best interventions.  The systems include the home; work; school; religious; university/educational; peer groups as well as the “person patterns”.

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