The Cost of Bullying

//The Cost of Bullying

The Cost of Bullying

Bullying and the costs to the nation

Does this reflect a changing society?

The media has brought bullying to the attention of the public and the community is now beginning to realise the insidious nature of bullying and the severe damage it has caused to organisations/individuals. This widespread phenomenon reaches into all corners of the community. Schools, institutions, clubs, social media are caught in the avalanche of bullying and is reflective of changing attitudes and values in our community.

From a research perspective there have been few papers published in the area and bullying has only become a focus of research since the 1990s.

Problems that exist for governments, organisations and legislators are that no adequate definition of bullying exists. Recent activity and research over the past two decades have resulted in an increased understanding of “bullying”. In addition recent reports provided by the Commonwealth of Australia have provided the professional community with a working definition of “Bullying in the workplace”

Clinicians see the effects of bullying as increasing numbers of clients present with a range and severity of symptoms/problems. Some research suggests that approximately 50% of victims/targets acquire Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms and further many of these victims never return to the work environment

Alliance Consultants have treated victims of bullying and have acquired knowledge about the organisational processes that are necessary to prevent bullying and manage the organization/individuals involved in bullying before individuals are damaged and organisations become less effective and less efficient.

Workplace Bullying

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