Dr Travis Gee

//Dr Travis Gee

Dr Travis Gee

Dr Travis Gee, PhD (Psychology, Carleton, 1998) is a psychologist practicing in Queensland, Australia, who has nearly two decades experience helping people of all ages, from around the world. He has been on the Executive Board of the Australian Counselling Association for many years. He has many scientific publications, and has edited journals and consulted on policy.

Travis has experience with a broad range of clinical issues in both children and adults, ranging from behavior problems in children, Asperger’s Disorder, depression, and anxiety. He also has experience with the anger and attachment issues that are especially common in children in foster care, as well as both children and parents going through high-conflict family separations.

Travis also has an interest in, and much experience with, medicolegal work such as Work Cover matters and reports, as well as pre-sentencing reports and is an expert in analysis of testimony related to ‘repressed memory’ allegations. He has a range of assessment tools that can inform many different types of report for many different situations.

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