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resilience-00Mental health professionals have been researching “resilience” for many years. The concept has arisen out of the positive psychology movement. Different definitions of resilience exist in the literature. However psychological resilience has clearly defined parameters in that all aspects of the environment and the organism (person) are synchronised in terms of empowering individuals/organisations/communities to overcome adversity and flourish in their own environment/communities.

Components of Cognitive therapy, CBT, Affect regulation strategies, Mindfulness based Cognitive therapy and Compassion focused therapy are integrated in a format that empowers individuals.

Similar programs have evolved in the United States and other countries (including Australia) that have focused on developing resilience in children and many populations including the United States Army.

In essence positive psychology and resilience building allows individuals the freedom, knowledge, insight, skills and energy to live their lives in a completely different way.

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The Alliance has developed programs that utilise the essential resilience components to address a number of vulnerabilities in individuals/teams.
Targeted vulnerabilities/distress include, Domestic Violence, Depression, Anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress disorder, addictions, organisational performance, Occupational health and physical illness.

The costs to the community in terms of the dollar value of the effects of Domestic violence runs into billions of dollars.

The costs to the community in regard to delivering services for mental health problems are substantial and probably unsustainable in the current fiscal climate.

Workplace bullying costs the community billions of dollars.

Resilience programs can be a proactive/preventative measure that will save the community billions of dollars and enrich the lives of individuals. Studies in the US and other countries have produced excellent outcomes for individuals working/living in communities where vulnerabilities become apparent.
Listed below are programs that are planned and those that are currently being delivered to communities.

Registration forms, where programs are currently being offered will be attached to the listed program. For information use our contact form.