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  • Day to day life events can make individuals vulnerable to developing emotional and medical problems due the nature of stress.
  • Some positive behaviours can reverse the deleterious effects of stress and create buffers to enable individuals to remain resilient or develop resilience.
  • Certain stress hormones and neurotransmitters(brain chemicals) are responsible for the vulnerability associated with chronic stress and promote the development of mental health problems(together with genetic influences)
  • The development of resilience is a process involving making changes in behaviour, thinking/beliefs and emotion.
  • This program provides detailed technical information about Stress and Resilience
  • This information may or may not be relevant for all individuals.
  • The program provides exercises to complete over a six week period.
  • The program provides detailed information- forms – guides- audios and exercises that individuals can use to monitor and track progress.
  • The information is presented in PowerPoint style.

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