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Do you feel overwhelmed by trauma, depression, or anxiety? Do you want to improve your mental health and personal growth?

Brisbane-based Alliance Psychology & Trauma Consultants will work with you to reach your full potential.

Overcome Stress And Build Resilience

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STRESS is the major cause of mental health vulnerability.

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What does Resilience Mean?

Download your free summary – “What Does Resilience Mean” by psychologist Greg Hodgson.

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Transforming Lives with Alliance Psychology

Mental health practitioners at Alliance take a holistic view of health and wellbeing.

We aim to empower individuals to better manage and enrich their lives.
Individuals with an understanding of their vulnerabilities, the impact of life events and other predispositions through the therapeutic process can develop a balanced and enriched life.

Evidence based therapies are utilised and all consideration is given to the needs of individuals in a compassionate manner.

Personal growth and mental health of individuals invariably impact on all aspects of life.

Alliance Psychology works to empower individuals through applying evidence based interventions thereby giving individuals the opportunity to make better life choices.

Alliance works with organisations that value the health and welfare of their staff. We understand that people are the critical element in every organisation’s success.

Alliance staff work within a number of theoretical frameworks including CBT, MBCT, ACT, Affect regulation / Exposure therapies, Narrative Therapy, Interpersonal therapy, CFT and Resilience frameworks.

Interventions and strategies to assist individuals are tailored to the needs of the individual.

Where there is an interface between vulnerability and the work environment organisational strategies are employed to address issues such as workplace bullying and distress in organisations and individuals.

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Alliance Psychology & Trauma Consultants
Onpoint – Shop 5
687 – 689 Old Cleveland Rd E
Wellington Point QLD 4160

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