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Anti Spam Policy

Alliance is 100% opposed to unsolicited email referred to as “spam”. We do not send emails to any individual or business that is not known by us or has not first engaged us to respond. Most communication with businesses is internal within this Website for authorised patients. E-mails that are generated will be in accordance with the patient’s agreement. The inclusion of any email addresses on this website is not consent to receiving unsolicited commercial electronic messages or SPAM.

Online Purchases

Online purchases are not refundable. Alliance Psychology takes no responsibility in regard to outcomes expected or stated by online purchasers. The material presented is presented by a registered psychologist, and the information contained is verifiable. However, Alliance waivers any responsibility for the manner in which the material is used. If the material presented does cause distress to individuals, it is recommended that online purchasers seek assistance from qualified mental health professionals.

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