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Chronic Stress!

Feeling down, not quite right, nervous, not wanting to participate in activities?
The chances are that you have been experiencing chronic stress.

Chronic stress affects the way your body/brain works. And without taking steps, you could experience anxiety, depression and a multitude of Mental health problems.

Developing Psychological Resilience is a means of bouncing back in the face of mental health vulnerability.
Problems at work, at home – You could be stressed.

Stress Test

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Learn About our Resilience Training Program Bundle

Includes these 3 programs:

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Training Program

Step into Resilience

This Training Program provides detailed technical information about Stress and Resilience.

Individuals can develop/learn resilience.

Stress is a major cause of vulnerability and inhibits an individuals capacity to develop resilience.

Transforming stressful experiences into opportunities for growth

The development of resilience is a process involving making changes in behaviour, thinking/beliefs and emotion.

You may learn more about the Step Into Resilience Program here >

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Alliance Psychology & Trauma Consultants
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