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Clinical Services provided by Alliance Psychology

Clinical Services is the broad term referring to interventions that address the health and welfare of individuals. Individuals can experience stress and emotional problems as a consequence of life events.  The distress can be in the context of being a worker, partner, parent and in many other contexts.

Clinical services for distressed individuals are provided by health practitioners, including psychologists, social workers. doctors and psychiatrists.

The Alliance provides a range of clinical services in a range of different formats depending on assessments of the different problems that present.

Please contact Alliance Psychology if you’re interested in learning more about our clinical services.

Learn About our Resilience Training Program Bundle

Includes these 3 programs:

Individual therapy is tailored to the needs of the client. The therapist and client agree on an approach that best suits the client/therapist. Therapy is engaged in a cooperative friendly atmosphere and the progress of therapy is deternimed by the client.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are many and varied. When a workplace recognises that their workers are critical to the success of business, they want to support their staff in a friendly productive environment that enables the organisation to achieve its objectives.

Training Program

Step into Resilience

This Training Program provides detailed technical information about Stress and Resilience.

Individuals can develop/learn resilience.

Stress is a major cause of vulnerability and inhibits an individuals capacity to develop resilience.

Transforming stressful experiences into opportunities for growth

The development of resilience is a process involving making changes in behaviour, thinking/beliefs and emotion.

You may learn more about the Step Into Resilience Program here >

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