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About "Alliance"

About Alliance Psychology

Alliance Psychology & Trauma Consultants

“Alliance Psychology & Trauma Consultants” (Alliance) is a consultancy that was established to provide specialised clinical and organisational services to a wide range of organisations. Alliance will assist individuals in their personal growth and assist with the recovery from problems associated with their mental health. These areas of life functioning invariably impact on organisations and their productivity. Alliance’s multi-disciplinary approach will ensure that all aspects of these issues are addressed in a cost-effective manner.

Alliance works with organisations that value the health and welfare of their staff. These organisations understand that their staff are the critical elements in their success.

Alliance is a consortium of state-wide (Queensland) and national independent practitioners and consultants who have between them many years of experience and knowledge across the entire dimensions of health, welfare and organisational change.

Through Alliance, individuals/organisations will have a directory and referral source for all practitioners (in Alliance) across Queensland and nationally.

In addition, members of Alliance Psychology & Trauma Consultants will collaborate on larger projects and projects where there needs to be an integrated seamless approach to make assessments, advise organisations and implement change with the highest level of precision.

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Alliance Psychology & Trauma Consultants
Onpoint – Shop 5
687 – 689 Old Cleveland Rd E
Wellington Point QLD 4160

Our Experience & Expertise

Trauma, depression, anxiety, workplace bullying and organisational change.

Alliance has particular experience and expertise in the fields of trauma, depression, anxiety, workplace bullying and organisational change. Experienced relationship consultants as well as specialist child therapists are also part of Alliance.

Alliance recognises the importance of a multi-disciplinary approach in regard to the assessment of problems and delivering outcomes for individuals and organisations.

“Alliance Psychology & Trauma Consultants” adds value in enriching individuals/organisations with a seamless progression from assisting individuals at the personal level to developing managers at the organisational level. A level of precision can be applied to a holistic analysis and problem-solving and development strategies that add value to organisations. Clinical and organisational specialists employ a team approach to the delivery of their services.

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Training Program

Step into Resilience

This Training Program provides detailed technical information about Stress and Resilience.

Individuals can develop/learn resilience.

Stress is a major cause of vulnerability and inhibits an individuals capacity to develop resilience.

Transforming stressful experiences into opportunities for growth

The development of resilience is a process involving making changes in behaviour, thinking/beliefs and emotion.

You may learn more about the Step Into Resilience Program here >

Phone: (07) 3822 1405
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Alliance Psychology & Trauma Consultants
Onpoint – Shop 5
687 – 689 Old Cleveland Rd E
Wellington Point QLD 4160

Alliance Psychology & Trauma Consultants
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