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Step Into Resilience Program

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Step into Resilience
Training Course

Overcoming Stress and Building Resilience: Step into Resilience Today!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by stress and struggling to cope with daily challenges? Is stress affecting your productivity at work and making it difficult to find satisfaction in your job? Do you want to learn how to build resilience and overcome the barriers holding you back?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Step into Resilience course is the program for you. Created by a psychologist with years of experience in stress management and resilience building, this comprehensive training program will provide the tools and insights you need to manage stress and build resilience in all aspects of your life.

Our program addresses the integrated process of building resilience, which involves lifestyle management, thinking styles, and understanding and managing the body/brain. Through our specialised training, you will gain a deeper understanding of stress and resilience, the barriers that prevent you from becoming more resilient, and practical strategies for managing stress daily.

And the results speak for themselves: resilient individuals are more productive in the workforce, report increased job satisfaction, and have lower absenteeism rates. Resilient managers also report less conflict in the work environment, leading to a more harmonious and productive workplace.

Don’t let stress hold you back any longer. Take the first step towards building resilience today with our ‘Step into Resilience’ training program bundle.

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Step into Resilience
Course Overview

Don't Let Stress Hold You Back: Discover How to Build Resilience with Step into Resilience!

Building resilience is an integrated process that involves lifestyle management, thinking styles, understanding and managing the body/brain. This specialised training program provides perspectives to understanding stress and resilience and its barriers impacting you becoming resilient and how you can better manage stress on a day-to-day basis. 

  • Day-to-day life events can make individuals vulnerable to developing emotional and medical problems due to the nature of stress.  
  • Some positive behaviours can reverse the deleterious effects of stress and create barriers/buffers to enable individuals to remain resilient or develop resilience.
  • Certain stress hormones and neurotransmitters(brain chemicals) are responsible for the vulnerability associated with chronic stress and promote the development of mental health problems(together with genetic influences)
  • The development of resilience is a process involving making changes in behaviour, thinking/beliefs and emotion.
  • This program provides detailed technical information about Stress and Resilience.
  • This information may or may not be relevant for all individuals.
  • The program provides exercises to complete in your own time and schedule.
  • The program provides detailed information- forms – guides – and exercises that individuals can use to monitor and track progress.
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Program Inclusions:

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