Paul Stanley

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Paul Stanley

Paul is an enthusiastic Psychologist and current PhD, candidate. Paul received the prestigious University medal and top student awards during his time at Griffith University. He is a leading expert and mental health practitioner in the areas of obesity, food addiction, diabetes and bariatric surgery. Paul’s insights have been fundamental to establishing and guiding Queensland’s current statewide public health bariatric surgery initiative. He is particularly passionate about supporting positive behavior change and views well-being holistically.

Paul has specific expertise in working with families to treat childhood anxiety disorders and particularly obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). He has delivered structured OCD interventions as part of double-blind pharmacological/psychotherapy research trials in conjunction with leading experts within the field.

Paul is skilled in assisting to collaboratively manage a range of depressive and anxiety disorders in adults. He has a particular interest in fostering resilience and has coordinated many individual and group-based mindfulness interventions. Paul has additional interests and expertise in working with toxic shame and promoting self-compassion.

Most of all Paul is extremely dedicated and motivated to achieve the highest quality outcomes for his many patients.

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